Along the River
Montague Processional CD jacket art

Montague Processional

Montague Processional
is a lively recording of
dance music played by
Three Good Reasons
Susan Conger (fiddle), David Kaynor (fiddle), and Susie Secco (piano).
Eight tunes from the Along the River tunebook are included on the CD.

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      from the liner notes:

"This recording brings together some of our own compositions, a couple of tunes written by friends, music from the British Isles, French Canada, and New England that has found its way into the contradance repertoire, and a few gems from the enormous wealth of the Swedish fiddle repertoire. Taken altogether it's a fair sample of what you might hear us play at an evening's contradance.

Anyone who dances probably knows that wonderful moment when anticipation meets delight, as you approach the dance hall and hear the music reaching out to pull you in. The experience certainly can't be duplicated on a recording, but we've tried to keep as much of that energy as possible. We chose to record grouped close together on a stage (the way we'd play for a dance) rather than in isolation booths in a studio. There are certainly challenges to this approach to recording, but it allows for moment-to-moment musical communication that we would be reluctant to relinquish."

Tunes on the Recording

1. David's French Fiddle* / Laurie Buchanan's* / Three Susans *
2. Homage à Harmonica Jean / Richard's Jig*
3. Hålbergs-polskan
4. Kohler's / Dinky's
5. Twin Centers
6. Dominion Reel/Batchelder's Reel / Vinton's Hornpipe
7. Karen's Kitchen *
8. The Montague Processional *
9. Indian Point / Cul Aodh Jig
10. Emily's Waltz *
11. Kingsbury Reel / Saut de Lapin
12. Kers Lars Brudmarsch
13. Georg's Hambo
14. High Clouds *
15. The Old Copperplate / Castle Hornpipe
16. Brännvinslåt

*Transcribed in the Along the River tunebook

Three Good Reasons plays for contradances, weddings, Swedish dances or dance workshops, parties, and other festive events. For bookings, contact us using the email below.

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